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Shirts through the ages

World of Sport 1913



Business files

Handbook 1914-16 Handbook 1925-26

Songs and chants

Schoolboy medals

Badges and keyrings (1980s-)

Cup game and play off souvenirs 

Material held at West Glamorgan archives


Analysis of fans’ memories

A 1920s scrapbook to hold cigarette cards

Open days 16 Sept004

8 responses to “From the archive

  1. brian curtis

    could not wait for match days,bag of chips in macari’s ,then 90mins of watching some of the best players around Ivor &len ,herbie williams,mel nurse,harry griffiths;johnny king just a few of the great team playing wonderful football

  2. Mandy owen

    My partners grandfather played for Swansea town between 1951/52 season, his name was iorwerth symmons, would be great if anyone has any pictures etc

  3. Steve F

    Any team photos or information of the 1946-47 season around? My wife’s step-Grandfather played as outside-right (I think), name of Idwal Jones (ex-Ton Pentre player) and we have no photos or info of that period.

    • We’ll have a look, Steve! We do have a lot more stuff than we have been able to post on the website.

    • Steve – I can tell you that Idwal Jones played 4 1st-team 2nd Division League matches for the Swans: 19/10/46, away at Man City; 26/10/46 home to West Ham; 2/11/46 away to Sheffield Wednesday (all three at No. 7). He also payed away at Birmingham City on Christmas Day 1946, at No. 4.

      Presumably he played in the reserve teams, in the Welsh LEague and the Combination Cup. The Swans were the first winners of this new trophy in that season, despite being relegated to the 3rd Division.

      I’ll try and post more when I get it.

  4. Mandy

    Hi, do you have any information about my boyfriends grandfather who played for Swansea town ( think it was late 40’s, early 50’s) his name was I symmons, I have his football contract packed away but no further info, family say he was in the paper too

  5. Colin fisher

    Has anyone got a photo of Er nie Fisher who was a goal keeper in the match between former Swans and current players in the commemorative match at the Vetch just after the 39/45 war

  6. Derek Williams

    Hi my father ,Thomas Arthur Williams, who was from Ynyshir near Porth,played for the Welsh schoolboys,twice in 1935 and three times in 1936.He signed for West Brom in 1936,then signed for Swansea Town 1938/39,He joined the R A F when the war started and was shot down in 1942.He never played football again.If anyone could help me find any more information such as position he played,how many times he played,I would be most appreciative
    Thanks you Derek Williams

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