Page from supporter’s scrapbook 1960s – Ivor Allchurch was obviously a hero of this unknown fan.

We have received a number of scrapbooks from various people, including two from an unknown fan, dating to the 1960s. They mainly contain newspaper cuttings, often sellotaped into the scrapbook. The main subjects varied, from mainly player transfer news, to personal memories of a playing father.

How many more such items are out there? How many shoeboxes in attics have little treasures relating to the Swans?

Explore the content of a scrapbook kept by an anonymous fan in 1965

Explore a scrapbook kept by Derek Davies in the 1960s

Follow this link to see a scrapbook compiled by a former players’ son – Scrapbook – memories of Davo Williams

A scrapbook collected in the 1960s by Bill Gibbs

4 responses to “Scrapbooks

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  3. Cllr. Des.Thomas. J.P. 64.Southlands Drive, West Cross

    I believe my Grandfather played for the Swans, possibly in the 1920s
    I believe he came from Sunderland , and was known as Billy Sunderland,even though his name was William Thomas.
    I would be interested if someone has a record of his playing Swansea.

    • Dear Cllr. Thomas, we can find no trace of William Thomas in the material we have. Sorry to report this: but there were a lot of players who came and went, and only played for the reserves/in the Welsh League without ever making a first-team appearance. He does not appear in any of the books that list the senior players. The only Thomas playing in the first team in the 1920s was George Thomas (born Wrexham) who played from 1925-1931. Swansea-born Henry (Harry) Thomas played breifly for the Swans in 1919.

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