Here’s just a brief memory from the survey:

Brentford away. 2000ish. A drunk Swans fan kept climbing on the advertising and the police kept telling him to get down. In the end they lost patience and grabbed his arms to lift him out. Cue chaos. Fans around him grabbed his legs and tried to pull him back. There was a surge from behind me as people rushed to help. I was swept off my feet and pushed forwards. The police had their batons out and were hitting those holding on to the fan. I was getting pushed closer and closer to the police hitting out. I thought **** and elbowed my way out of trouble. Anon. 38

You can read more about the history of racism in football in Swansea and beyond on this page.;

You can watch videos of hooliganism and football trouble here:

One response to “Hooliganism

  1. bigoljack

    gotta say my most humorous hooligan encounter was at southend . i think it was 2009/2010….11 of us decided to go up by train (as 2 of our party worked for the railway and got us all £5 tickets)..anyway we got off at southend station to be met by 20 or so southend hooligans (i use the word hooligans very lightly)..who decided to run at us . thinking we would run back into the station…we didnt and they panicked…from what i could make out there “top boy” ran sideways into a photo booth, where 2 of my mates wandered over and started scaring him to death to the point he was begging them not to hit him (nobody actually touched him)
    i probably should have mentioned that all 11 of us are doormen, and we spent the next hour laughing at this pathetic attempt to put one over on us.

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