The Vetch

Follow the links for pictures and information on the Vetch Field.

  • Listen to and watch Huw Bowen talk to the BBC about what the Vetch meant by clicking here here

4 responses to “The Vetch

  1. Phil Cowley

    Brilliant job so far ,well done.The arial shot of “The Vetch” is very evocative for me as i was born in Fleet st and the whole area in the picture was my playround

  2. Scott Mackay

    As high as we climb, and as distant the memory of the Vetch will become to some, nothing will ever come close to night games at the old stadium. You could hear the stadium roaring 45 minutes before kick-off, more often that not, and that was just with a few thousand people there by the time the match started! I always wished there was some way of filming the Sandfields in the build up to a game at the Vetch, as one of the best memories for me was walking through, and at every juncture (or so it seemed to a wide-eyed young fan) more people seemed to pour out of turnings, pubs, houses and more to join the human throng converging on the stadium.

    I was lucky enough to do work experience there whilst in school, so got to have a look around the top (or what remains of it) of the old West Stand, and heading up the stairways to where there used to be a second tier was quite sad, giving a feeling of “what once was” . Thankfully the Swans have managed an ascent during my lifetime equally as impressive as the one which preceded my birth by a handful of years. I love the Swans, and I like the Liberty Stadium, but for me the Vetch will always be the home of Swansea City FC.

  3. huwswans100

    Absolutely spot on Scott! I guess there will be hundreds if not thousands of fans who will agree with every word you have written. Nothing for me beats the excitement I used to have as a nipper sitting on the little wall that ran along the edege of the pitch in front of the North Bank. Thanks for taking the time to write such a great post.

  4. Matt Parry

    The Vetch how i loved the Vetch & still do.
    The excitement of the first game of the season i loved the shear anticipation of it were will we finish in the league watching our new stars, the summer signings playing for the first time.
    Chatting in the pubs with mates that you have not spoken to since the end of the last season talking all things Swans.
    That slightly nervous feeling of walking up the small concrete slope on to the North bank seeing the Vetch in all her glory in the sunshine in August is something that will live with me for the rest of my life.
    She Looked always sort of immaculate at the beginning of the season fresh paint & the grass was so green and lush.
    Even the players running out of the tunnel on that first Satuday of the season had a extra bright white Swans kit on !
    Sadly no more but thanks for the many great memories it was like losing a great freind when the Swans moved to the Liberty.

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